Saturday Drive Acquires Caldera Forms

Two of WordPress’ most popular form builders are now working together to better serve the community’s evolving needs

Saturday Drive Incorporated, the company behind Ninja Forms, Ninja Shop, and SendWP, today announced that it has acquired the WordPress form builder Caldera Forms. This acquisition brings the two teams together to tackle the varied needs of both plugins’ users in an evolving WordPress environment. Development on both Caldera Forms and Ninja Forms will continue uninterrupted with a renewed vision and sense of focus from both teams.

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system (CMS), currently powering over 33% of websites around the globe, and is the fastest growing CMS in the world. Where WordPress itself provides the foundations on which a website is built, it is the 55,000+ individual plugins that extend its functionality to make every website truly unique.

Saturday Drive Incorporated is the parent company of Ninja Forms, Ninja Shop, and SendWP. Each are WordPress plugins that add forms, ecommerce, and transactional email service respectively to any WordPress website. Together these plugins serve well over 1.5 million active WordPress users. Since the inception of Ninja Forms in 2012, it’s been the mission of the team at Saturday Drive to craft tools that make building a successful website an attainable goal for WordPress users of any skill level. The acquisition of Caldera Forms, a form plugin widely used and loved especially by developers, builds on this mission. As stated by James Laws, cofounder of Saturday Drive: “Together we will continue to create & empower entrepreneurs all over the world to do great things for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

CalderaWP was founded in 2015 and lead by Josh Pollock and Christie Chirinos. Josh and Christie have spoken at WordCamps, contributed to WordPress core and trained a diverse team from all over the world to run a small business. Christie is currently the Product Manager for Liquid Web’s Managed WooCommerce, while Josh, along with Caldera Forms developer Nico Figueira, will be joining the Saturday Drive team along with other members of the original Caldera team. When asked about the future of Caldera and WordPress, Josh Pollock commented: “It’s an exciting time for WordPress and I want Caldera Forms to be a part of that. The WordPress admin interface is being overhauled, and I’m excited about new technologies like headless WordPress that give us the same content editing experience that we know, with way faster and more secure front-ends. That’s great, but how do plugins adapt to serve those needs? That’s one of the things I’m most excited about.”